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Enjoy a diverse range of beginner-friendly classes that empower self-healing and support your body and mind in everyday life. Whether it’s your favorite sport, your work, hanging with the grandkids, or getting your hands dirty in the garden! The classes will provide daily health maintenance to keep you doing things you love, for longer!



Revitalise every muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, internal organ, and major gland in your body in a heated room that facilitates joint movement, muscle elasticity, and detoxification. Designed for inflexible bodies and injury rehabilitation, if you have arthritis or frozen joints, this class is for you. Experience the original masterful sequence from the Ghosh lineage made famous by Bikram Choudhury. SILENT BIKRAM the original sequence with minimal instruction, we recommend to practice this class in addition to the spoken class (not in place of).



Improve your strength, range of motion and state of mind with flowing movement aligned with your breath. Come as you are, your teacher provides options for beginners and inspiration for seasoned yogi's.



Relieve joint pressure and spinal compression suspended in a silk hammock, you'll gain confidence, body awareness, upper body strength and balance. Deepen your stretches and have a giggle.



Restore hormonal balance with this floor based class that uses props and relaxation to provide deep release of your connective tissues and joints, working the nervous and neuroendocrine system and energetic pathways running through your body.



Feel stronger with this full body, low impact workout using mat pilates, interval training and uplifting music in a heated room that supports joint movement, muscle elasticity and detoxification. Come as you are, your teacher will provide beginners and inspiring options.



Increase oxygen in your body stimulate the rise of energy through the chakra centres with Kundalini movement and breath work designed to help you better adapt to stress, then bathe in sound frequencies suspended in a hammock or lying down to deepen this state and leave with a greater sense peace and elevated prana.

30 days of unlimited classes for $59

In-person and online classes, accessible for beginners


Choose from 25 classes per week
Heated and non-heated options
In-person and online options
The authentic Bikram class
Accessible classes for everyone
Compassionate team who support your every step
Friendly and non-judgemental community
Spacious change rooms
Showers, lockers, hairdryer
Relaxing lounge and herbal tea

Give your body and mind a high five!

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Conveniently located

In the heart of Launceston with 3 hours on-street parking and surrounded by 3 multi-car parks only a few minutes’ walk away

30 days of unlimited classes for $59

In-person and online classes, accessible for beginners


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