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HOT YOGA (Bikram)

A masterful prescription of 26 hatha yoga therapy postures and 2 breathing exercises designed for inflexible and injured bodies. The sequence progressively works every muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, internal organ and major gland in your body. The heated room facilitates joint movement, muscle elasticity and detoxification.Designed for the regular bikram enthusiast to practice in addition to the beginners class. Enjoy the classic sequence in a beautifully serene and quiet setting. Minimal instruction allows you to listen to your body on a subtle level. We recommend a minimum experience of 5 or more beginners classes.


VINYASA - These steady-paced classes provide balance between effort and ease, improving strength, flexibility and state of mind through movement and breathwork.

SLOW VINYASA - Enjoy slower pace for the days when you need it


Practiced in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to support body weight, this anti-gravity practice is inspired by Iyengar yoga and the use of suspended props to deepen stretches and relieve joint pressure, spinal compression, and tension. AERIAL classes, increase core and upper body strength and allow support and easier access to inverted postures. Enjoy increased body awareness, confidence and balance.

AERIAL YIN - A relaxing yin class using the hammock a prop to deepen stretches and relive tension.


Yin Yoga is a mix between traditional Chinese medicine and the Indian science of yoga. A floor-based practice involving long holds adapted to suit each individual body. Relaxation, rather than effort, provides a deep release into the connective tissues and joints with emphasis on the hips and the energetic pathways running through the body.

Aerial Yin - A relaxing yin class using a suspended yoga hammock a prop to deepen stretches and relive tension.


A express full body, low impact, workout, moving with rhythm, control and with the breath, incorporating interval training (HIIT) combining cardio with Pilates stretches and undertones of Yoga.

A 45 min class to uplifting music, in a heated environment to facilitate joint movement, muscle elasticity and detoxification.


Allow our Teachers & Energy healers to guide you into a blissful state, reset your mind & calm your nervous system, leave feeling fresh with clarity. These sessions draw upon a variety of proven techniques that empower you to better adapt to stress and upgrade your overall well-being.

Yoga mats, cushions, bolsters & blankets are provided.





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