prana rooms


the ultimate space for wellbeing providers


ENGAGE (Rm 9) is a light filled room with a wide, height adjustable bodywork table that converts to a seated position, ideal for reflexologists. Conveniently located on the ground floor with an armchair, desk and kitchenette.


EMBODY (Rm 8) has a large powered massage table that can be adjusted to a seated position, an office desk and comfortable seating. It's conveniently located on the ground floor with a shared kitchenette.


RETREAT (Rm 7) Located on level 1, This multi purpose room is ideal for therapists who are looking for a quiet, relaxing, light filled lounge for counselling and/or bodywork. Convertible to a space for group work on Tuesdays. 10 yoga mats, bolsters, cushions and fold out chairs are available on request.


ENLIGHTEN is a unique meeting space with 5 raised meditation cushions. Four fold out chairs available on request. This space fits 9 comfortably and is made private by a pull around curtain.

conveniently furnished rooms in central launceston

Tranquil environment

High-speed internet


Tea facilities

Established community

No outgoings


hourly hire

1 hr – $30

3 hrs – $40

5 hrs – $50

8 hrs – $70


first time booking

Contact our home team for more information or to book an orientation

[email protected]

or +610491883343