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Body Maintenance Massage Studio - Room 3, Level 1

Natalie offers Deep Tissue, Remedial, Sports, Relaxation massage and Vacuum Therapies.

Available Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's & Friday's.


Dr Sarah George - Room 1, 2 & 4, Level 1

With over 10 years experience (and bachelor and masters qualifications) in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment. Sarah provides an individualised treatment plan for her patients including acupuncture (including cosmetic acupuncture and point injection therapy), cupping, gua sha, herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine remedial massage.

Available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Dr Naomi Kazi - Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.


Katie Donohoe, Room 5, Level 1

Katie offers Intuitive Massage, Reiki /Energy Healing, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Pre & Post-Natal Massage, Hot Stones Massage & Fire Cupping.

Available Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's & Saturday's.


Ekaterina Pyatin, Room 6, Level 1

Reiki Master, Shaman and a Certified Crystal Healer (by Australian Academy of Crystal Awakening). Ekaterina offers Reiki and Crystal Healings, Soul Healings, Past Life Healings and Soul Retrievals, Inner Child Healings and Shamanic Journeying, Crystal healings and chakra balancing. Distance readings and healings. Reiki attunements. Group Meditation. Circles. Reiki Share groups.

Available Wednesday's.


Davina Monet, Ground Floor, Room 9 Ground floor

Using Bodywork, Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Brain Formatting, Trigger Point therapy. Davina works with specific points in each muscle which "lock" a muscle into a 'tight' way of behaving. Finding and releasing these spots sends a message to the whole muscle to relax, reducing or eliminating pain, including chronic pain, and increasing mobility/range of movement. Kinesiology has a number of techniques which are useful in bodywork. The simplist, clinical kinesiology, checks if a specific muscle or muscle group is working well. Other techniques may use the chinese meridan system and/or accupressure points to 'wake up' a muscle or 'dampen' it down. Davina also facilitates Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshops, Psychic Awareness Classes, Mediumship, Readings and Healing

Available: Saturdays.


Marianne Douglas (Dip HICAT MBEd), Room 8 Ground Floor

You don't have to be an artist to benefit from this therapy. Marianne is qualified to assist you through your journey of physical or emotional healing, personal growth and self empowerment through the process of creative arts.

Available Shortly


Karen Lee Knowles, Room 9, Ground floor

Reflexology stimulates the bodies natural healing forces through compression to trigger points within the hands and feet! Through massage and manipulation energy flows to all parts of the body and helps with many ailments especially headaches and promotes proper functioning of our organs. With this technique Karen uses her gifts of mediumship to pass on information intuitively.

Available fortnightly on Tuesday's.


Isshiah Anand, Room 6, Level 1

Isshiah uses heart based practices customised to your uniquely individual needs. Relax and heal with gentle nurturing therapies as you let go of hurdles standing in the way of achieving your fullest self. Be gently supported on your journey of personal transformation. Find peace and lightness within yourself. Drawing from years of school of life studies including tools from Bodymind, Hakomi, NLP, Breathwork, cellular regeneration and essential oils.

Available Thursday's.