virtual classes



  • Book a class on the timetable below.
  • Be sure to sign up at least 30 minutes before class starts so you have time to get logged in.


  • With enough room to move and a good internet connection, you’re ready to roll.  
  • If equipment is needed, the class description will let you know what to bring. 
  • Log in a few minutes early to test your audio and video, so you’re ready to go when class starts. 


  • A link to your class is automatically emailed 30 min before class and up to 5 min before class starts.
  • If you do not receive the video link before class, please reach out to us and we can re-send the link to you manually.  
  • You can view the class through a phone, tablet or computer and with the right tech. screen share your device to a TV.


  • Chrome browser is best.
  • If you can’t hear, leave the class and re-join.


  • BIKRAM YOGA – If you wish to receive the extra benefits of practicing in the heat we recommend creating your own Hot yoga room by heating the smallest room in your house (eg. bathroom), hang a wet towel or two to create humidity and a full length mirror if you have one, it’s a great for balance and checking your alignment.
  • YIN YOGA – This class is typically practiced with yoga props but just a cushion will do.
  • PROPS – are available in our online store or alternatives work well.
  • Bolster alternative – a cushion.
  • Block alternative – a stack of books wrapped in a blanket or cans from the pantry also work well.
  • Strap alternative – a belt or scarf.