the studio



To facilitate the safety of all students, visitors and practitioners at the House of Prana there are a few protocols that we ask you to follow.

Before you arrive:

  • Book your class online
  • Please reschedule your class if it has been less than two weeks (14 days) since, YOU personally experienced symptoms of contagious illness including cold and flu viruses e.g. fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).
  • Had Covid-19 or have had contact with someone who has or is displaying symptoms of COVID-19
  • You have been told to isolate/quarantine and your 14 days are not yet finished.


  • For all classes – bring your own yoga mat and enough water for class. (Yoga mats are available in our ONLINE STORE and can be collected when you arrive for class).
  • Hot classes – bring a bath size towel.
  • Yin yoga – bring a bolster or a cushion. Alternatively bring a towel or blanket to place over a studio bolster. (Bolsters are also available in our ONLINE STORE)
  • Where practical and bring as few personal possessions with you as possible. Bring a bag to place outer clothes and valuables in.


  • Please apply hand sanitiser provided in the foyer.
  • Wait in foyer until greeted, give your name to the teacher.
  • To maintain the required social distancing we have reduced the use of the change rooms where possible.
  • A space for bags and shoes is allocated at the back of the yoga room as lockers are unavailable.


  • Please rug up after class and shower at home.
  • Showers will be available after hot classes and limited to 4 ladies and 4 men ensuring all students leave the building within 15 min after class, this reduced time will assist and honour social distancing for class change overs and appointments within the building as well as sanitising procedures.
  • Please let the teacher know before class if you require the use of a shower.

Community vibe

  • Due to the nature of narrow spaces in the building its important to keep moving in the hallways. Use the time before class to chat with yoga friends in the yoga room (with the exemption of mobile phones). Once class starts and and finishes the room will revert back to the silent meditation space it is know as. Please be mindful to leave the room quietly after class so others can remain in their blissful state.


  • If you are on a waitlist for class you will be notified when space becomes available. Notification is by email or text. Edit your your preferred notification method in your profile log in – my info – profile (edit).

Booking apps

  • Mindbody app – a general app you can buy casual classes.
  • Yoga at House of Prana app – Taylored to us, you can buy all options available inc. memberships, retail and our latest offers. Available shortly.
  • If you are having trouble booking a class through either app, try syncing your app profile with your existing profle. Go to the Mindbody app – profile – settings – resend account confirmation email.

Cancelling a class

  • Cancellation is available up to 3 hours before the start of class for the booking to be credited to your account to use again.
  • How to cancel from a computer – – yoga – login – my info – my schedule.
  • How to cancel from the Mindbody app – profile.
  • How to cancel from our Yoga at House of Prana app – classes.