the studio



To facilitate the safety of all students, visitors and practitioners at the House of Prana there are a few protocols that we ask you to follow.

Before you arrive:

Book for class through our website or Mindbody app.

  • Reception facilities are not available including cash and eftpost transactions.
  • Suspended memberships can be unsuspended by emailing [email protected]
  • Please reschedule your class if it has been less than two weeks (14 days) since, YOU personally experienced symptoms of contagious illness including cold and flu viruses e.g. fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).
  • Had Covid-19 or have had contact with someone who has or is displaying symptoms of COVID-19
  • You have been told to isolate/quarantine and your 14 days are not yet finished.

Arrive dressed for class

  • Where practical and bring as few personal possessions with you as possible. Bring a bag to place outer clothes and valuables in.
  • Bring your own yoga mat and equipment and enough water for class.
  • There are toilets available if needed but we suggest arriving pre-prepared

Upon entry to House of Prana

  • Please apply hand sanitiser provided in the foyer.
  • Wait in foyer until greeted, give your name to the teacher.

Moving around the studio

  • To maintain the required social distancing we have reduced the use of the change rooms where possible, bags will be permitted in the yoga room as lockers are not available.
  • Please follow the signs indicating how many people should be in each area at one time eg.
  • Foyer – 4 people.
  • Change rooms – 6 people.
  • Yoga room – 18 people.
  • Hallway – single file.


  • Please rug up after class and shower at home.
  • Showers will be available after Bikram classes where absoluely necessary and limited to 4 ladies and 4 men to ensure all students leave the building within 15 min after class, this will honour class change overs and other appointments within the building as well as sanitising procedures.
  • Please let the teacher know before class if you require the use of a shower.


  • Due to the nature of narrow spaces in the building sadly it won’t be practical to stop mid corridor and have a long lost catch up with our yoga buddies. Therefore to keep our community vibe, chatting in the yoga room pre-class will be encouraged. The yoga room will revert back to a silent, meditative space at the end of class.

Cancellation Policy

  • Due to class numbers temporarily reduced to 18 people max (normally 40) we have a cancellation policy of 3 hours before class to give students on the waitlist a chance to be notified and make it to class. Cancelling in this time frame means the class will be credited to your account to use again.