TRUST WHO YOU ARE – Meditation Inquiry
Take a dive with us into a deeper connection with yourself – one that you can enjoy and that holds you strong when needed.
In this session we are looking at our relationship to our body. What it is communicating to us and how we can deepen and strengthen our connection to the chariot that serves us throughout our life.
This is the 3rd in a four part series with weekly, in-house group sessions: part guided meditation, part self-inquiry, part chat. Each week is a stand-alone session where we delve into a different aspect of how we can experience ourselves: Mind, Emotions, Body, Intuition.


Jo from is our resident Reiki Master who offers a variety of workshops that empower you to heal yourself and others.


Room 6 of the house is light filled + furnished to suit both counselling + body work modalities. It also seats up to 18 people on fold out chairs for workshops style events. There is a small kitchenette for convenience + tea facilities.

The room is available for insured wellbeing facilitators from 9.05am - 7.00pm, 7 days a week.

Prices range from $20 per hour to $70 per day.