Why 90min?

The first half of the class (the standing series) provides balance, strength, flexibility, focus & concentration. This prepares the spine and the body for the second half (the floor series), which is where the majority of the yoga therapy happens. Scientifically, the last 30mins of the class is where your spine and body are warmed sufficiently to achieve the maximum benefits and improved wellbeing.



Detox – Sweat flushes toxins and metabolic waste from your body, improving circulation and complexion.

Sports performance – Rehabilitates injuries such as knee, hamstrings and back, and improves overall performance.

Reduces stress – Teaches you breathing techniques to calm the central nervous system.

Re-balances hormones – Every gland in your body is stimulated, improving wake-sleep cycles, depression, metabolism, immune systems and hunger cravings.

Enhances concentration – Focusing in the hot room requires a mind and body connection which produces heightened mental strength, clarity and resilience.


The Origin

The sequence was carefully selected from the original 84 classic Hatha yoga asanas that Bikram Choudhury studied under his Guru Bishnu Ghosh (brother of Paramahansa Yogananda). This original hot yoga class began in the 1970’s in the US where heat was added to the room to simulate the environment of Bikram’s homeland, India. The majority of our teachers have complete the intensive 9 week course with Bikram to become certified.